Arrival in Africa – Feb. 23

My flights all went well. In fact I was lucky to be on a nearly empty plane to Amsterdam, so I had room to relax. The flight to Africa was more crowded, but I still had three seats to myself. That flight had many Americans who were on their way to a safari. Most of them were retired people and some seemed a bit frail, but they were eagerly anticipating their adventure. They were going to see the Africa in the documentary films. My journey was a bit different.

We arrived safely at the Kilimanjaro International Airport, which is between Arusha and Moshi after dark. The time difference from Pennsylvania is 8 hours and it had been 26 hours since Julie left me at the airport. I was so happy to see the driver from the Alteeza Lodge was there with a sign with my name on it. There was a young man from England on the flight who was also staying at the lodge so we shared the ride to Moshi. He is taking a year off after university before joining the Royal Navy to see the world. He had just been in Thailand for five weeks working with elephants and now was going to be teaching English in Arusha.


We arrived at the lodge, which is a lovely place, and Esther Alexandria greeted us and checked us into our rooms. She was confused because my name is Craig Atwood and the other person was Alexander Craig. And her last name was Alexandria. She asked what I do for a living and why I was in Africa, and I told her. She smiled and said that her dream is to be a professor. Of mathematics.

The people in the picture are Alex and Yankee Davis who guides people up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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