Trip to Cuba

I just returned from a wonderful seven days in Cuba, but it was very hard to get internet access while I was there. So I each day I typed up my blog posts about the trip and saved them on my computer. This morning I uploaded several days of the blog. If you want to read the whole story of the trip you have to go back several days.

It took many people to make this trip possible, and I want to thank them beginning with my wife Julie who was a single parent for more than a week, and who somehow managed to stay in contact with me despite all of the problems. And who had to drive to Philly last night to pick me up because I missed the flight to ABE.

Bishop Sam Gray was my guide, translator, organizer, confidant, and companion. If you ever get the chance to travel with Sam Gray, do so! Thanks to Sam I saw a Cuba that tourists rarely even glimpse.

Angelica Regalado, a Moravian from Peru, translated over 200 PowerPoint slides into Spanish, which made teaching so much easier.

Armando Rusindo is the patriarch of the Moravian Church in Cuba and worked very hard to make sure that all transportation was taken care of and that the classes were a great success.

There were Moravians in Camaguey that arranged for the facilities and meals, which was all perfect.

The casas we stayed out were managed by the nicest women who supplied morning coffee and much cheerfulness.

The students I taught was fantastic.

Thanks to the Joe Gray foundation for paying for much of the event, to the Aldridge Fund, and Board of World Mission for paying for the rest.

Frank Crouch, the dean of Moravian Theological Seminary, let me take a sabbatical, and I am very grateful.

And a special word of thanks to whoever it was centuries ago who discovered that the application of hot water to ground up beans produces the elixir of vitality that we call coffee.

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  • Donna Gordon  On March 31, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    Thank you for your blogs about your trip to Cuba. They were enjoyable and insightful. They also provided me with good background information that will be helpful for my upcoming trip to Cuba.

    I am part of a group of eight from Christ Moravian Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who will be heading off to Havana on April 23 to work alongside our Cuban Moravian brothers and sisters to help renovate the Comenius Centre (children’s mission) in Havana. This will be a new experience for me as my previous visits to Cuba mostly involved stays at all inclusive resorts.

    I had the privilege of meeting Rev. Armando and Tanya on my last visit to Cuba in January 2013, just days after they had received documentation from the Cuban government officially recognizing the Moravian Church in Cuba. I was so impressed with Armando and the work he has done on behalf of God and the Moravian Church in Cuba that I have worked with my congregation in Calgary to help support them. I have continued to follow the amazing work that has taken place for the Moravian Church in Cuba, and I am delighted to be on the Board of the Armando Rusindo Foundation.

    I am looking forward to seeing Armando and Tonya again as well as experiencing a more “authentic” view of Cuba. I believe that we will be staying at the same casa in Havana that you mentioned in your blog, so I was pleased to read your positive comments about your stay there.

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