Final day in Camaguey – Jan. 15

This morning we decided to take a bicycle taxi to class. He worked hard to pull too good sized Moravians. When we arrived, the students were eager to begin and we started outside on the patio. We discussed the changes in the Moravian Church after the death of Zinzendorf. We haven’t followed the original itinerary for the lessons, and I haven’t really followed the slides very well, but the people here are very flexible and willing to change plans. I concluded by saying that the Iglesia Morava in Cuba is one of the fruits of a 550 year history and global mission. This is their history, too. But the most important thing in fruit is the seed, and I believe that this small church can be the seed for a new transformation of the Moravian Church as it spreads in Spanish-speaking lands. I feel renewed by this experience. I am amazed that I have felt at home here even though so much is foreign to me.

Armando handed out their certificates for having taken this course. They were signed by the president of the province, the chair of the Board of World Mission, a bishop of the Unitas Fratrum, and a professor at Moravian Theological Seminary. But we are brothers and sisters in this church, and I learned much from them. Armando gave the first certificate to Barbara who is pregnant because Zinzendorf had said that even unborn children can have faith!

With many hugs and kisses on the cheek we made our way to the car that would take us the bus station. We crowded into this tiny, Russian car, along with our luggage, and a bag of fried chicken. We ate the chicken at the bus station and the dogs took the bones happily. The bus to Havana is more modern than the first one we took, but the road is still long. It was not crowded at first and I could stretch out and take a nap, but now it is filling up. We will get to our casa sometime after 10 p.m. But tomorrow we are taking a day off and I get to be a rich American tourist in one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Western world! Hello, Coppacabana!

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