St. Philips Moravian Church


April 28, 2010   For Immediate Release


On April 22, 2010, the Central Boards of Elders and Trustees of Salem Congregation unanimously approved a proposal to admit St. Philips Moravian Church, 3002 Bon Air Avenue, Winston-Salem, to membership in Salem Congregation. It was felt that extending member status was an opportunity for restorative justice, reconciliation and healing. The St. Philips members have a history of joint mission projects with Salem Congregation churches and there are many positive relationships due to the mission endeavors.

St. Philips was originally formed as a mission congregation in 1822, first in a log building and then in a brick worship house on Church Street that is still owned by Salem Congregation. The log building has been reconstructed and is part of the Old Salem tour. The grounds of the old St Philips church still contain the burial grounds of deceased members. St. Philips members worshiped for 90 years in the brick church and some current St. Philips members worshiped in the brick church as children. The recent renovations and programs by Old Salem, Inc. have renewed the congregation’s profound ties to their history. Six current members serve as docents giving tours about their congregation’s history. The congregation now meets at the Historic Brick Church on 5th Sundays and anniversaries.

Salem Congregation is a group of twelve Moravian Congregations inside the city limits of Winston-Salem that jointly owns many of the Moravian historic properties in the area, and jointly operates the Salem Moravian Graveyard –  God’s Acre, the burial ground on Church Street.  Salem Congregation sponsors the annual Easter Sunrise Service in God’s Acre that is such a significant visible part of Moravian life in the area.  Only active members of Salem Congregation churches are eligible to be buried in God’s Acre. Other Moravian congregations often operate their own God’s Acre in proximity to their church building.

Current member churches include:

  • Ardmore Moravian Church, 2013 West Academy Street
  • Bethesda Moravian Church, 740 Bethesda Road
  • Calvary Moravian Church, 600 Holly Avenue
  • Christ Moravian Church, 919 West Academy Street
  • Fairview Moravian Church, 6550 Silas Creek Parkway
  • Fries Memorial Moravian Church, 251 North Hawthorne Road
  • Home Moravian Church, 529 South Church Street
  • Immanuel-New Eden Moravian Church, 3680 Old Lexington Road
  • Konnoak Hills Moravian Church, 3401 Konnoak Drive
  • Messiah Moravian Church, 1401 Peace Haven Road
  • Pine Chapel Moravian Church, 324 Goldfloss Street
  • Trinity Moravian Church, 220 East Sprague Street

For more information, contact the Salem Congregation office at 336.722.6504.

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  • Beaufort Bailey  On July 23, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    I believe this was long overdue and Stl. Philips is appreciative

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