I was very disturbed to read in the paper today that so many people are opposed to helping the people of Haiti. Many people blame the Haitians for their poverty, just as many blamed the people of the Ninth Ward in New Orleans for their suffering. There is so much misery in the world and so much injustice, why do we add to it by condemning others. I remember those times in school when bullies would victimize someone weak or poor or awkward or unpopular. Which was more pathetic, the suffering of the victim who was unable to defend himself or herself, or the fact that some people make themselves feel important by inflicting misery on others, or was it the way others stood around and enjoyed the spectacle. How pathetic that we stand by while others suffer. It is even more pathetic when we justify our selfishness with political or economic or religious platitudes, blaming the victims instead of helping them.

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