Conference Announcement

“Sitting Together at God’s Table: Living our Faith in a Global Economy”Oct. 19-20, 2007For more information:

Wingate Hall, Wake Forest University School of Divinity

Registration fee: $25

 (Sponsored by: the Public Theology Program of WFUDS, the Faith and Order Commission of the Southern Province, and the Moravian Church Board of World Mission.) Globalization and Active Faith: We are living in an age unlike any other. Almost every region of the world is connected in a complex web of trade, transportation, and communication. This globalization affects everyone in different ways. While some are growing wealthy and healthy; many more are becoming impoverished, dependent, diminished, and unwell. The global economy is affecting the planet itself as temperatures rise, deserts increase in size, and clean water becomes ever more precious. The Bible calls the people of God to respond with acts of justice and mercy in the world, to be stewards of God’s creation, and to view all people as reflections of the image of God. Christians are accustomed to doing this in our local communities, but how do we live our faith in a global economy? Christ sent his followers into the world as agents of God’s redemptive love. What does it mean to be sent today? Workshops: A core component of the conference will be workshops on specific areas of concern for people of faith in the global economy. The workshops will meet three times to discuss this area with an expert and learn ways that individuals and churches can respond to make positive changes. The five workshops offered are: Food and Faith, Caring for Creation, Value-Added Economics, Healing the Nations, Speaking to Power Agape: The World Council of Churches has been engaged in study and discussion of the issues of globalization from a faith perspective for over a decade. In 2006 the Council inaugurated the AGAPE program. AGAPE stands for Alternative Globalization Addressing People and the Earth. The background document for AGAPE is an important resource for this conference. Participants are encouraged to view the document on-line at  

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